Dubuque Police Give Back to LLJ!

We were honored to be presented with a check today from the Dubuque Police Department‘s No-Shave November program and bake sale in the amount of $1,500. THANK YOU for choosing us as one of your organizations!

This generosity allows us to fully stock our Healing Hearts grief library and continue to provide support and outreach to those in need.

2019 promises to be exciting! You’ll be able to follow the fundraising, practice and journey of LLJ participating in Dancing With Stars. We look forward to more bed deliveries, even more blessing bags this year!

LLJ is also looking to provide even more outreach to children and adults navigating a loss of a loved one. We are working on creating potential workshops and seminars for those who want to learn how to support loved ones who are grieving. STAY TUNED 2019 is going to be a great year!

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