McDonnell Family Helps With New Group

About a month ago, I had the honor of meeting with a beautiful soul by the name of Jill Bennett McDonnell. She wanted to come in and learn more about Live Like Jack and our new children’s support group, healing hearts.

We spoke for a long time and I explained to her my vision for this group and more of the outreach and partnering we want to do within the community. All the while strenghtening and growing our mission our giving back and spreading kindness.

Last Thursday her husband Kevin stopped by the office with a bag of beautiful books and a card. Inside of this thoughtful card was an incredibly generous donation to help get our group started.

I am happy to say we have done just that. We have purchased the cabinet to hold all of our supplies, a couple floor chairs and a few of our floor desks. We want each child to have their own space to create and share about their loved one.

Our mission and vision continues to grow due to the tremendous out pouring of support from this community! We cannot thank the McDonnell family enough for helping our vision become a reality!

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