Loras Communication Class Gives Back

Remember when we asked you a couple weeks ago to stop out at the Hy-Vee and visit with the Loras College students who were out there promoting Live Like Jack?

Not only were the students from the Organizational Communication class at Loras responsible for organizing, planning, and executing this community-based fundraiser for for us. But because of work they put into this project, they were able to raise $360.00.

This helps Live Like Jack continue our mission of giving back, spreading kindness and encouraging others to do the same. We are looking forward to impacting more people than ever before, through our amazing work at Live Like Jack and our incredible partnership with Resources Unite.

There were thirteen members that contributed to the success of this fundraiser they include: Alacia Keegan, Aoife Leahy, Ben Burkholder, Brendan Marshall, Cassie Rottink, Kelly Boge, Kevin Drwal, Madeleine Gau, Marcus Singleton, Matt Randone, Samantha Garcia-Bracho, Sean Baldwin, and Whitnee Hale.

A big thank you to each and everyone one of you who put the time and effort into help making Live Like Jack a successful organization!

Check HyVEE

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