Live Like Jack Acts

In a world full of despair and uncertainty, there is always light shining from somewhere. Today it was my 8 year old daughter Whitney. She came downstairs after finishing her homework and wanted to go outside. I asked her if she wanted me to get her bike down, she said no. She says she wants to do something nice for someone since it’s so nice outside. She then proceeds to read me her a little script on a piece of paper.

“My name is Whitney I would like to pick up sticks, pinecones and garbage in your yard for a small change donation to kids fighting cancer especially my friend Cormac.” With all her hard work she earned $96.

We talked over dinner and Whitney decided she wanted to impact two really important causes. So half of her earnings will be going to the Faley family for so they can donate it to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for all the kids fighting cancer and especially her friend Cormac. The other half will go to 12th Annual Team Elliott March for Babies One 8 year old making a difference.💙#findyourpurpose#livelikejackacts



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