No One Sleeps On the Floor

On January 22nd Live Like Jack and Resources Unite delivered 71 beds, sheets and pillow to kids sleeping on the floor. No matter how hard it was raining, we made sure each of these kids received their beds. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than thankful baby snuggles. This is one of many reasons we do what we do! See below Resources Unite’s post from yesterday. It was an amazing day!

We started delivering beds just after 7am this morning and we probably won’t be done until 10pm.
It takes awhile to deliver 71 beds in a single day!
You get tired. Your feet start to hurt stomping up the staircases, your shoulders start to get sore from carrying mattresses, box springs and frames, and our socks are still soaked from the downpour this morning.
You know what makes it all worth it though?
Hugs. Thank you hugs make it all worth it.

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