Happy Valentine’s Day

One of the most important parts of Live Like Jack’s presence in the Resources Unite office is not only to make people feel welcome when they come in for help, but to emit incredible kindness so that the people we serve feel comfortable.

What happened this week is a great example of how others throughout the community collaberate with us and help pay it forward. Laura Chandleecame in with little Valentines bag’s made by her daughter and friends. They include items like lip balm, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, Hershey kisses and crackers. Just because. They donated them to Live Like Jack so that we may put them to good use. We are so very thankful for this and know exactly how we are going to use them.

Starting today because it’s Valentines, each person that comes into Resources Unite that needs help or does an intake with us is going to receive one of these Valentines bags. Nothing means more to someone who is in crisis, than to know someone cares. Thats exactly what these bags are. Little pick me ups to put a smile on someones face.#livelikejackactofkindness #findyourpurpose

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