The New LLJ Logo!

If you ask anyone, you’ll find out that almost everyone has something they can think of that is meaningful to them. Whether its a number, symbol, letter or a sign. Some of us even have tattoos to represent what is important and meaningful to us. All of these things can be connected in some way to a moment in time that we want to remember, a memory, a favorite vacation spot, or even a loved one that we can no longer talk to or touch, but we want so badly for them to be remembered and honored so they are never forgotten.

We are happy to share with you the new logo of Live Like Jack. There was much love and thought put into this logo. It touches on everything we want Live Like Jack to mean while honoring the spirit of our son Jackson.

The eight represents Jack. Born on the 8th of December 2005. The day we became parents. His favorite number, his soccer number and the full number of years that he graced us with his presence here on this earth. The feather. Angels are the pure energy of love and light, so while they are always near us, their energy is so light and fine from the physical realm that its’s easy to overlook their presence. So they often send signs like the feather to let us know they are near and always offering their love, guidance and support. And lastly the color blue. Jackson’s favorite color. The decision to incorporate the different blues comes from a place of ebb and flow; the coming and going of decline and regrowth.

We continue to grow and change. We’ve evolved into so much more than we ever thought we would in the last 3 years. This logo represents all of that. We are grateful to everyone who has supported and continues to support Live Like Jack’s mission to give back, spread kindness and encouraging others to do the same. To Live Like Jack means to exemplify kindness and make a difference in the life of another.

We hope you all enjoy the unveiling of the new Live Like Jack logo. A logo that will become very recognized in the years to come. We do have a select few shirts available to those who are interested.

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