LLJ visits Houston for Hurricane Relief

It was an incredible journey for Live Like Jack traveling to Texas with our partner Resources Unite and local nonprofit Almost Home. So amazing to see the impact our community had on the people left in the wake of hurricane Harvey.  Thank you to all the AMAZING donors that made this trip possible. Every single bottle of water, pair of pants, toothbrush and can of food was successfully delivered from our community to theirs.

We spent long hours in the car, lots of hard work and little sleep, but we also met some amazing people from the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County and had the opportunity to help out a fellow University of Dubuque graduate with her 1st grade classroom in Houston.  Her students were hit hard by the hurricane and many lost everything.  We wanted to show them some Midwest love by getting the students new school uniforms, school supplies, snacks and so much more!

We also had our fair share of fun and laughs.  Now that we’ve been there, we can continue directing supplies to our new partners in Texas in the future.  Thank you for your support!

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